We are uniquely positioned to help oversee our clients’ financial lives.

Think for a moment about the role that family physicians play in the lives of their patients. Without their medical guidance, each of us would be on our own to advocate for our personal health in a complex and often fragmented system. The odds can be similarly against us when navigating the financial world on our own.

But that is where we come in, in a role not unlike that which you expect from your family physician.

That means we are committed to serving as the point person for our clients’ financial lives, operating from the broadest vantage point. It also means we believe in working preventatively to anticipate problems before they can arise, in doing our best to understand each family’s unique concerns, and in recommending only those steps that we would be prepared to take in our own lives.

Given the scope of our work, on any given day you might find us tackling a wide range of projects, including the following:

  • Gathering and organizing client account statements, estate plans, tax returns, insurance policies, and other information that allows us to develop a comprehensive understanding of their financial situation
  • Helping clients understand both their current financial paths as well as the alternative paths that may be available to them
  • Coordinating work with other professionals whose expertise complements ours, including clients’ accountants, attorneys, and insurance agents
  • Staying abreast of ongoing academic research and industry publications, as well as political and economic developments that can play a role in financial decisions
  • Managing and reporting on IRA’s, trusts, and other financial assets that form the foundation of our clients’ financial lives

Those are just some of our capabilities, and we are happy to discuss others as well.

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